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Quality Steel Structures in Cape Town

Pretorius Structures is a professional and reliable steel construction company, that is able to design and erect various types of steel structures for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. If you are looking for a steel structure company that will supply you with quality steel structures and a professional construction service in Cape Town or other area, then Pretorius Structures is the company for you. The professional team from Pretorius Structures will design a steel structure that meets your business activity needs, and will erect your steel structure in Cape Town professionally and efficiently.

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Our Projects

Quality steel structures for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural use

steel structures for industrial, commercial and agricultural environments, and have erected a number of workshops, warehouses and factories for our clients in South Africa. If you are looking for a professional company that will erect a quality steel structure in Cape Town for your industrial, commercial or agricultural needs, Pretorius Structures is the company for the job.

What we offer:

  • Scope of construction work: : Pretorius Structures can construct everything from Standard portal frame structures, Customised portal frame structures as well as Lattice type design structures. We also possess the necessary skills, equipment and cranes to construct crane structures of 5 ton and upward. Whatever your requirements, we will design a steel structure that meets your needs.
  • Design of the steel building: Trust the team of draughtsmen and engineers at Pretorius Structures to design a steel building that will meet your requirements in terms of specifications, functionality and other design aspects. Your requirements and specifications will be taken into account, to ensure that you get exactly what you need.
  • A-Frame houses: Our team can design and construct A-frame houses, a modern steel building method that is efficient and cost-effective.
  • Supporting services: Pretorius Structures provide all the supporting services to complete the steel structure project, which include the installation of mezzanine floors, doors (roller-shutter, sliding or hanging doors), ventilation system installation, the installation of thermal insulation. We make use of certified contractors for painting and roofing projects, ensuring a professional finish and satisfying results. Our team will also complete the installation of foundation bolts to secure the steel structure effectively.
  • Project managemente: Pretorius Structures offer a complete project management service, and will manage every aspect from the design phase, fabrication and installation / construction of the steel structure. Our professional team will ensure the project runs smoothly and stays on schedule.

Let Pretorius Structures provide you with a quality steel structure in Cape Town for your business needs.

Trust the leading construction company in Gauteng for all your industrial, commercial and agricultural structure needs and solutions.


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Rely on Pretorius Structures

You can trust our steel building company for the following reasons:

  • Experienced and professional: We possess the knowledge and experience to deliver steel structures of excellent quality to our clients. We will go out of our way to meet your requests, and to deliver a structure the will exceed your expectations.
  • Safety is a priority: The safety of our team and yours is of utmost importance, which is why the required safety measures are always in place, and no dangerous shortcuts will be taken.
  • Quality steel structures: We make use of A-grade steel material, to ensure we supply structures that are strong and durable.
  • Competitive prices: Get a competitive quote to design and erect your steel structure today.

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Steel construction services in South Africa and other African countries

We service all areas of South Africa, and have completed many projects successfully in Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho and Gabon. Speak to a professional consultant at Pretorius Structures today for more information about our services, and to discuss your steel construction project needs. Make use of the reliable steel construction company for your steel structure in Rustenburg.

Some Of Our Clients

Leading structural steel contractors in Cape Town

Pretorius Structures are  leading choice of structural steel contractors, specialising in steel structures for the following industries:

  • Industrial environments: Steel structures are strong and robust, making them suitable for industrial applications where they have to endure harsh environments due to processes, chemicals and climate. Pretorius Structures can design an industrial building that will meet your specifications, providing you with a structure that is strong, functional and lasting.
  • Commercial buildings: Commercial buildings need to be strong and durable, ensuring a safe environment for people working in and visiting the building. It is thus essential that you make use of a trusted and experienced structural steel contractor in Cape Town, that will ensure the building meets the required quality and safety¬†standards and regulations.
  • Agricultural structures: Farmers, agricultural companies and individuals in the agricultural industry rely on steel structures to fulfil many functions. Agricultural / farming structures need to be strong and durable, to ensure a good long term investment for the farmer / company. Let Pretorius Structures design and construct a steel farm structure that will meet all your needs.

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Contact the leading structural steel contractors in Cape Town today. You can expect structures of the highest quality, a professional and reliable service and a quote that fits your budget.

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