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Steel Structures for Sale in South Africa

Looking for steel structures for sale in South Africa? Let the professional team from Pretorius Structures assist. We design, fabricate and construct a range of steel structures for sale, for use in various industries and different applications.

Steel structures are extremely versatile, which is why this is fast becoming the preferred building method in many industries. The team from Pretorius Structures will provide you with a steel structures that will exceed all of your expectations in terms of quality, design and price. Look no further for steel structures for sale in South Africa – get in touch with Pretorius Structures today to order a steel building.

Steel structures for sale that are strong and durable

A main reason why steel structures are becoming the building material of choice, is because of its strength and durability. A steel structure is an excellent long term investment, as steel buildings last for many years. Steel possesses a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for larger steel structures like factories, malls and warehouses. The lightweight attribute of steel makes it easier and more affordable to transport to the construction site, and makes the construction process easier as well.

Your steel structure will not corrode, warp or deteriorate, and it is also resistant to moisture (no molding). Another benefit of steel structures is that they are resistant to pests like termites, and are very low maintenance. Considering all the benefits of steel in terms of strength and durability, it is easy to see why steel is the building method of choice.

Industrial steel structures for sale

Steel structures are widely used in industrial environments, due to their robustness and ability to provide wide clear spans. This makes it suitable for applications like workshops, factories and warehouses, which are large structures that require wide open spaces. Pretorius Structures specialise in structures for industrial environments. Get the best industrial steel structure for sale for your specific needs from Pretorius Structures.

Commercial steel structures for sale

Steel is a popular choice for commercial buildings like malls, business parks and gymnasiums, due to its strength, faster construction time and cost-effectiveness. Pretorius Structures have built some fine commercial steel structures, and will provide you with a steel structure for sale for all your commercial building needs. Get a commercial steel structure for sale that fits into your construction budget – get a quote today.

Agricultural steel structures for sale

If you are looking for steel structures for sale for your agricultural needs, Pretorius Structures can assist. Steel is the ideal solution for all your farm structures. It is durable and lasting, and will meet all your needs in terms of functionality and price. Steel structures are ideal for livestock shelter, storage facilities, shading, carports and more. Discuss your steel building needs with a professional consultant at Pretorius Structures to get the best Agricultural steel structure for sale.

Customised steel structures for sale to meet your needs

Trust the team of draughtsmen and engineers at Pretorius Structures to design a steel building that will meet your requirements in terms of specifications, functionality and other design aspects. Your requirements and specifications will be taken into account, to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We make use of professional design software, and the client will be provided with detailed professional drawings of the project for approval. Once the client is happy with the design, the fabrication will begin. Choose from Standard portal frame designs, or get a fully customised steel structure for sale.


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Professional service and quality structures

You can rely on Pretorius Structures for a professional and timely construction service, and a steel building that will exceed all of your expectations. Pretorius Structures is a reputable construction company in the construction industry, and the best choice to get steel structures for sale. Contact Pretorius Structures today to discuss your steel structure project with a helpful consultant.

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