Steel Frame Construction in South Africa

Looking for steel frame construction services in South Africa? Let Pretorius Structures assist. We will supply, fabricate and erect all the steel frame structures you need for your commercial or industrial application needs. Steel frame structures are widely used for warehouses, workshops and factories, due to the large work and storage space it can provide. It is also a very versatile building method, that can be customised to meet our clients' specifications and needs.

Read more about the benefits of steel frame construction in South Africa, or contact Pretorius Structures today to speak to a friendly and professional consultant about your steel frame construction needs.

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The benefits of steel frame construction

There are a number of benefits of steel structures, which is why it is such a popular building method in a number of industries. Here are a few benefits of erecting a steel structure for your building needs:

  • Temporary buildings: Steel frame structures are ideal for temporary buildings such as temporary offices, or the need for a workspace for only a certain period of time. The steel frame building can be erected as needed, and be disassembled again when it is no longer required. The steel frame structure can be sold or re-used, making it a good investment.
  • Versatility: Steel frame construction is extremely versatile, making it ideal for a number of used in various industries in South Africa. Clients can choose to customise their steel frame buildings to meet their needs, and our team will assist by providing professional and detailed conceptual layouts.
  • Large workspaces: Steel frame construction is especially ideal if you require a large working space such as for factories, warehouses, workshops, storage facilities and more.
  • Cost-effective building method: Steel offers a cost-effective building methods and material. Quicker building times ensure decreased labour costs and no material wastage will help save even more.
  • Durability: Steel is a strong and durable material, which makes it ideal for construction of large buildings. It's high tensile strength ensures it is able to handle strong forces well.
  • Quicker building times: Time required to fabricate and erected the building is much less than concrete or brick and mortar building methods, which can be a great advantage for the client.

Our mission is to manufacture and erect structural steel of the highest standards and quality to meet our client’s expectations and approval.


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Contact Pretorius Structures for your steel frame construction needs in South Africa

Let Pretorius structures assist with your steel frame construction needs. Our professional and experienced team members will work seamlessly together to ensure that you get the best solution for your construction needs. Trust our steel structure company to provide you with a professional construction services and a quality steel structure that meets your every need.

steel construction in South Africa

steel construction in South Africa

steel construction in South Africa

Steel structures for every industry and environment

Pretorius Structures have been in the steel construction business in South Africa for many years. During this time, we have completed a number of steel building projects for our customers across various industries in SA and neighbouring African countries. Our team at Pretorius Structures have gained extensive experience in steel structure design, fabrication and construction. No project is too complicated for our team –  we will manage each project professionally, offering honest and sound advice, efficient problem solving and a timely construction service. Our steel construction company in South Africa is experienced in steel structures for the following industries:

  • Industrial structures: Steel structures are widely used in industrial environments due to the number of advantages offered by this building method. Steel can withstand harsh elements such as extreme heat, gasses, dust as well as natural elements and harsh climates. Pretorius Structures specialise in the design and construction of factories, workshops and warehouses, and can design and build any other industrial steel structure you may require. Trust Pretorius Structures for your industrial steel construction needs in South Africa.
  • Commercial buildings: The ability to achieve large structures with multiple levels with steel frame construction makes it ideal for commercial buildings like shopping malls, office parks, churches, schools, gymnasiums and more. Our team have completed a number of construction projects in commercial environments, providing our customers with some fine steel structures for their commercial building needs. Let our professional team design and construct a commercial steel structure that will exceed all your expectations in terms of quality, design and functionality.
  • Structures in agriculture: Farms and agricultural environments require the use of strong buildings for applications like storage of machinery, livestock shelters, shading and so much more. Pretorius Structures have completed many building projects in agricultural environments, providing farmers and agricultural companies with strong structures that meet their needs. Discuss your farm structure requirements with Pretorius Structures today!

Get a custom steel structure design to meet your building needs

Each steel frame construction project in South Africa is unique due to the intended purpose, location challenges and individual project requirements. Pretorius Structures is able to design and deliver a steel structure that meets you specific application needs. Let our professional team design a custom steel structure that meets your individual requirements.

Best steel structures in South Africa

Get the best steel structures in South Africa for all your commercial, industrial and agricultural building needs from Pretorius Structures. Pretorius Structures manufactures a range of affordable portal frame steel structures as well as custom-built steel buildings, designed by qualified engineers and draughtsmen, and fabricated with pride and precision. Founded in 1999, we have become one of the foremost companies for steel structures in South Africa, designing and manufacturing structures like shopping malls, warehouses, livestock shelters and many more.

We have  successfully provided steel structures to customers in many neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique,  Zambia, Botswana, Angola, Gabon, Namibia and many other locations across Africa. Our reputation for high-quality steel construction services and products ensures our clients get first class steel structures every time.

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