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Pretorius Structures is a leading warehouse construction company that will design and construct your steel warehouse building according to your specific application needs. Our steel warehouses are widely used in industrial and commercial environment, providing our clients with a robust steel structure for their storage / other application needs.

If you are looking for a company that will provide you with a customised solution and a professional construction service, let our team assist. We have assisted clients across South Africa as well as various African countries to obtain the best steel structures / warehouses for their needs. Contact Pretorius Structures today to speak to a professional consultant, and to get a quote on the steel warehouse building you require.

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Constructing a warehouse for your commercial / industrial application

Whether you are in need of a basic storage facility, or a more complex steel structure that is able to facilitate various business functions, Pretorius Structures can assist. Our team’s expertise and experience will ensure that you get the best warehouse structure for your needs. There are a few aspects to consider when erecting a warehouse, some of which are often overlooked:

  • Location of the warehouse: There are many factors that influence the location of the warehouse, such as the purpose, business functions, and the type of goods that need to be stored. The location needs to be practical, and easily accessible for transportation.
  • Functionality: The application and purpose of the warehouse will directly influence the design of the structure. The team at Pretorius Structures will be able to assist by advising you on a suitable design, to ensure smooth functionality and use of the warehouse.
  • Door openings and accessibility: The warehouse needs to include sufficient doorways and pathways, to ensure that the goods are easily accessible.
  • Safety standards: Ensure that your steel warehouse building and processes adhere to the industry rules and regulation, ensuring a safe environment for employees.

Let the team at Pretorius Structures assist you to get the best steel structure for your specific application – trust the leading warehouse construction company for quality workmanship and professional service.

Trust the leading construction company in Gauteng for all your industrial, commercial and agricultural structure needs and solutions.


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Get a quote today from the leading warehouse construction company

Call Pretorius Structures today to manage the construction of your steel warehouse building. Our professional project management service will ensure the construction runs smoothly and efficiently, and that you will have a steel warehouse that meets all your expectation in terms of appearance, robustness, quality and functionality. Get a quote from Pretorius Structures today.

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The benefits of steel structure warehouses

There are a number of reasons and benefits of using steel for your warehouse construction. Some of the main benefits include:

Faster Process

Once your steel structure warehouse design is approved, Pretorius Structures will start fabricating the steel structure materials. Once the material (panels, sections, beams and more) are ready, it will be delivered to the construction site. This results in a faster building process, shortening the project timeframe.

Lower Labour Costs

Due to the faster construction times, and the fact that the construction of steel structure warehouses are less labour intensive than other alternatives, labour costs are lower than alternative building methods.

Strength and Durability

Steel is extremely strong and durable, providing lasting steel structure warehouses. Steel is resistant to pests, mould and fire, unlike alternative materials such as timber. A steel structure warehouse can also withstand harsh climates and weather conditions such as rain, hail, sun and wind.

Reduced Maintenance

Because steel structures are very durable, the chances of damage or breakage occurring is reduced considerably. It is very unlikely that parts or sections of the warehouse need to be replaced, making steel structure warehouses low maintenance, saving you large amounts on maintenance costs.

Clear spans

Structural steel has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and can bear a great deal of weight. This reduces the number of steel support needed to make your warehouse. Therefore, it offers clear spans and unobstructed open spaces which can be utilised for business activities. The team from Pretorius Structures will help to create an efficient design to ensure the space it utilised effectively.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly building option. Eco-friendly building methods are especially required in today’s time. Your steel structure warehouse will last for many years, and after that the steel can be re-used or recycled. The use of renewable resources will contribute towards saving the environment.

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