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Trusted construction company in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging - When constructing a new commercial, residential, industrial or agricultural steel structure, you need to make sure you select the right structural steel company for the job.

Pretorius Structures is a trusted construction company in Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging and surrounding Vaal Triangle areas, specialising in the design and construction of steel structures for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. See below why Pretorius Structures is the best choice of construction companies in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging for your steel building needs, or simply contact our team today to discuss your steel construction project.

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Advantages of using Pretorius Structures for your steel construction project

You will have peace of mind when choosing Pretorius Structures as your construction company in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging.

  • Quality and Experience: This definitely tops the list when selecting a construction company in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging for your steel building project. If you’re considering the services of a steel building company, always ensure that you look at previous and current projects, testimonials and reviews. Pretorius Structures have a list of many happy customers in many different industries. See some of our steel building projects completed for your assurance.

    You can also rest assured that we have the necessary certification and qualifications so that we comply with all building regulations. Quality and integrity of the structures are maintained by using A-grade steel material, following stringent quality control procedures and inspections throughout the project. Our professional project management service will ensure that the project stays on schedule, stays within budget and that the final project is to the customer's satisfaction and expectations.
  • Skills And Expertise: It goes without saying that it is essential to select a construction company in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging or the Vaal Triangle that has the desired skills and expertise to get the job done swiftly and efficiently, while providing you with a steel structure that meets your specifications and needs. Building companies have different specialties. Pretorius Structures specialise in the design, fabrication and construction of steel buildings for Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural environments. We have successfully fully completed and partially assisted with projects like warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, office buildings, churches, farm structures and many more.

    When relying on Pretorius Structures as your choice of construction companies in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging, you are guaranteed of the requisite experience, skills, and expertise your project will require. You will save time and money, while getting quality workmanship and structures.

Tools And Equipment

The right tools and equipment are compulsory when it comes to the construction of steel buildings. You can rest assured that Pretorius Structures possess the tools and equipment to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Some of our equipment include: A Certified 56 Ton 1 meter retractable remote-controlled truck mounted crane with a 30-meter lift capability. A Certified 42 Ton 1 meter retractable remote-controlled truck mounted crane with a 24-meter lift capability for deliveries and erection of structural materials and structures. This unit consists of a horse and trailer combination that can extend to 22-meters in length for abnormal loads. We also possess a Certified 3 Stage 17-meter JCB Telescopic Handler.

If you are sifting through construction companies in Vereeniging / Vanderbijlpark and the greater Vaal region for your steel structure project, you won't go wrong when choosing Pretorius Structures. It is important to remember never to compromise on quality and efficiency in order to save on costs. You can rest assured that Pretorius Structures will always strive to deliver the best quality work at the best prices.

Construction Service - Areas of Expertise

If you are looking for construction companies in Vanderbijlpark or Vereeniging that can provide a professional service for the construction of commercial, industrial or agricultural steel buildings, then we are definitely the company for you. We have gained extensive experience in the design and construction of these type of steel buildings, allowing us to provide a satisfying service and quality results.

  • Commercial steel buildings: We have designed and completed many different commercial type of steel buildings. We can assist with all your needs including office buildings, shopping centres, smaller shops, churches, gymnasiums and more. Get a quality commercial structure that boasts a beautiful and appealing design for your business needs.
  • Industrial structures: Many industrial companies in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging rely on the team from Pretorius Structures when it comes to their building needs. We have designed and built numerous industrial type structures such as storage facilities and warehouses, workshops, factories, office buildings and so much more. Let our team design and construct the industrial steel structure in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging that you need.
  • Agricultural buildings: Agricultural environments require the use of quality structures for various applications and needs. We can design your farm structure to meet your specific requirements, and can assist with storage structures, livestock shelters, greenhouses, shading, workshops and more. Contact the leading choice of construction companies in Vanderbijlpark / Vereeniging for all your agricultural steel building needs.

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Our mission is to manufacture and erect structural steel of the highest standards and quality to meet our client’s expectations and approval.


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