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Construction company in Johannesburg - Trusted by many companies and individuals in the industrial, commercial and agricultural industries, Pretorius Structures has built a strong reputation amongst clients as a top construction company in Johannesburg. If you are in need of a contractor to assist with your structural steel building needs, let Pretorius Structures assist. Our experienced and professional team members are committed to providing excellent levels of service, timely project completion and results that exceed our clients' expectations. We are able to provide both turnkey and customised steel building solution, depending on your needs.

Contact the leading construction company in Johannesburg for all your steel structure construction needs. Pretorius Structures have completed work across South Africa and many neighbouring African countries successfully.

Our Projects

Industrial, commercial and agricultural construction company in Johannesburg - Steel structures for various needs

Steel is an extremely popular building material, due to its high strength, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Steel structures are suitable for almost any application, and are currently being used commonly in the industrial, commercial and agricultural environments. Steel structures are even suitable for smaller buildings such as housing, schools, churches and temporary offices. If you require a steel structure for a specific need, contact the leading construction company in Johannesburg today.

Pretorius Structures offers a complete construction services for our clients in need of steel structures, which includes the design of the structure through professional drawing software, fabrication of the steel structure in our workshop, as well as erection of your steel structure on-site. Read more about the comprehensive service offered by Pretorius Structures, trusted construction company in Johannesburg, or contact us today for more information. Our construction services include:

  • The design of various steel structures, providing detailed conceptual layouts for clients
  • The construction of steel structures for warehouses, factories and workshops
  • The construction of A-Frame houses
  • Standard portal frame and Lattice type steel structures
  • Purpose built portal frame structures
  • The construction of crane structures (5 ton and upward)
  • Cellular and Castellated beam construction
  • Other construction / building services such as Mezzanine floors, roofing construction, various door types, ventilation, thermal insulation and more
  • Complete project management service throughout the construction project.

We specialise in Industrial Structures

Pretorius Structures is a trusted industrial building contractor, assisting clients in commercial, industrial and agricultural environments with steel structures that meet the demands of these industries. Here are a few reasons why you can rely on Pretorius Structures to construct a structure for your industrial needs:

  • Space: One requirement that industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings have in common, is space. Many of these structures require clear spans (space unobstructed by columns or pillars), and sufficient horizontal / vertical space for business activities and functions. Pretorius Structures can construct large steel structures with clear spans in excess of 30 metres. Discuss the size of the structure you require with a professional consultant at Pretorius Structures.
  • Durability: Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural environments require steel structures that are robust and durable, and that will withstand harsh environmental factors like wind, rain and exposure to UV rays. Steel structures are also pest and mould resistant, and will nod aid in the spread of fire.
  • Customisable design: Pretorius Structures can design a steel structure that meets your specific needs. With the use of professional drawing software, we are able to design structures that meet the specific requirements of our clients, and can provide them with professional drawings for their approval. You can rely on this construction company in Johannesburg to supply you with an industrial steel structure that meets your needs.

Trusted construction company in Johannesburg

Pretorius Structures is a reliable construction company in Johannesburg, helping our customers to get the best steel structures for their needs. This is achieved by providing a highly professional service, competitive prices and importantly, quality steel structures. As a trusted steel building company, we offer a comprehensive service that covers every aspect and phase of your construction project. We will manage the building project in Johannesburg from start to finish, without you needing to worry about a thing. Our construction service includes:

  • Design of the building: Pretorius Structures make use of professional design software, in order to provide our clients with professional and detailed drawings of the steel structure for their approval. We will take all your requirements into account, and suggest the best solutions for your specific needs. Rely on our team to provide a provide a steel structure in Johannesburg that exceeds all your expectations.
  • Fabrication of the material: Once the design is approved by the client, our team can continue with the fabrication of the material. You can expect all building material to meet high quality standards and conform to the required safety standards. Once fabrication is complete, the material will be transported to the construction site.
  • Construction: Our team will complete the construction of the building professionally and hassle-free. Years of experience in construction help use to overcome any issues easily, ensuring that we offer an efficient service to our clients. You can expect the outcome of your steel structure to meet all your expectations in terms of functionality, design, durability and aesthetics. No job is too big or too small for Pretorius Structures!
  • Discuss your building project with a professional consultant today to get the ball on the roll!

    Commercial construction company in Johannesburg

    If you need to build a commercial structure, it is essential that you make use of an experienced construction company in Johannesburg for successful results. Pretorius Structures can assist with the construction of commercial steel buildings such as malls, shopping centres, office buildings, churches, gymnasiums, school buildings and more. Get in touch with our professional team to discuss your project, so that we can start with the design of your steel structure. Contact the trusted commercial construction company in Johannesburg today for a quality commercial building that will exceed all your expectations.

Construction company specialising in Industrial steel structures

If you need a strong and durable industrial steel structure, Pretorius Structures will assist. We specialise in the design and construction of steel structures for use in industrial environments, providing our customers with structures of the highest quality.

Pretorius Structures possess the cranes, equipment and expertise to design and construct large steel structures, taking into account our customers' specifications and requirements in terms of size, layout, functionality, accessibility and more. Let our experienced team at this construction company in Johannesburg provide you with an industrial steel building that meets all your needs. We have successfully completed many warehouse, factory and workshop construction projects.

A custom steel building solution

As an experienced construction company in Johannesburg, we offer a customised steel building solution for our customers. If a Standard steel structure design will not meet your requirements, let the team of draughtsmen and engineers design a custom building that incorporates all your specifications.

Pretorius Structures have built some fine steel structures for our customers, featuring beautiful customised designs. See some of the projects that we have completed successfully for our customers, to get an idea of what we are able to do for you. Our construction service will include all features like the installation of mezzanine floors, ventilation, thermal insulation, and a selection of different doors (hanging, sliding or roller shutter doors) to meet your specific needs.

Trust the leading construction company in Johannesburg for a complete project management service

Pretorius Structures will manage your steel building project from start to finish. Our team will aim to minimise technical risks, prevent construction issues, manage budgets and effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule. From the design phase, right up to the completion of the construction project - Our professional team will manage your project efficiently, with honesty and transparency throughout every phase.

Get in touch with the team at Pretorius Structures today to discuss your building requirements with a professional consultant. We will advise you on suitable solutions for your building needs, and provide you with professional plans and drawings of your steel building design, for your approval.

Contact the trusted steel construction company in Johannesburg today!

Our mission is to manufacture and erect structural steel of the highest standards and quality to meet our client’s expectations and approval.


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