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Construction Companies in Gauteng - If you need a construction company in Gauteng that will provide you with a quality steel structure and a professional service, Pretorius Structures can assist. Pretorius Structures is a reliable construction company based in Gauteng, assisting clients across South Africa and neighbouring countries to obtain steel structures for their specific needs.

With extensive experience in steel structures for commercial, industrial and agricultural use, you can rely on our professional team to erect a steel structure that meets your needs and specifications. Contact Pretorius Structures today for more information about our construction services.

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Steel structures are extremely versatile, and suitable for various applications and needs. Popular uses include application in the commercial, industrial and agricultural environments, providing these industries with quality and durable steel structures that meet their specific needs. Here are three reasons why steel structures are fast becoming the most popular building option in Gauteng and South Africa:

  • Strength and durability of steel structures: Steel is an extremely strong and resilient material, which makes it ideal for the construction of various structures in various industries. Steel will not warp and deteriorate like timber, and is also resistant against insect, fungi and moisture. This makes steel the ideal material for structures like warehouses, workshops and factories.
  • Cost-effective construction: Steel structures are cost-effective when considering the various building options The fact that steel structures are also erected faster than other construction methods, adds to even more cost saving.
  • Versatility of steel structures: Clients can select a standard steel structure or customise a steel structure to meet their specific needs. Pretorius Structures is specialised in various types of steel structures and will manage the complete building project on behalf of the client.

Types of steel structures constructed by Pretorius Structures

As a professional construction company in Gauteng, we have experience in the construction of various types of steel structures. Our main focus is to provide clients in industrial, commercial and agricultural environments with quality steel structures that meet their needs. Contact the leading choice of construction companies in Gauteng for the following types of steel structures:

  • Commercial buildings: The design and construction of a commercial steel structures requires the services of a professional steel construction company. Pretorius Structures have designed and completed many different commercial structures, and have supplied our clients with some fine steel building and designs. We can design and construct everything from shopping malls and centres, to office parks, churches and gymnasiums. Let us design and build a structure that will exceed all your expectations.
  • Industrial steel structures: We specialise in the design, fabrication and construction of various industrial steel structures. Pretorius Structures have supplied many clients with industrial structures that meet their needs in terms of strength. Design and layout, functionality and price. Trust the leading choice of construction companies in Gauteng to build you industrial steel structures. We can assist with storage facilities, workshops, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars and more. Discuss your needs with a professional consultant at Pretorius Structures today.
  • Agricultural / farm structures: Steel structures are commonly used in the agricultural industry, due to their strength, robustness and versatility. Steel structures can be custom-built to meet the exact needs of the farmer. Let us design a steel structure for your storage facility, shelter and other agricultural building needs.
  • A-frame houses: A-frame houses are becoming increasingly popular in different environment across the country. This building method is efficient and cost-effective. Enquire today about the construction of A-frame houses by Pretorius Structures, trusted construction company in the Gauteng area.

Trust the leading construction company in Gauteng for all your industrial, commercial and agricultural structure needs and solutions.


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Let Pretorius Structures provide you with the best solution for your steel structure needs

Contact Pretorius Structures today for more information about our construction services and steel structures for your needs. Our team of consultants, engineers and experienced installation team will ensure that the products and service received exceeds your expectations. Customer satisfaction is very important to the team at Pretorius Structures, which is why you can expect our construction company in Gauteng to go the extra mile. Get a quote today to let Pretorius Structures erect the steel structure you need. View our list of construction services on our website, or contact us today for more information.

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