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Affordable Steel Structures / Buildings

If you are looking for steel building contractors that will provide you with affordable steel structures / buildings, get in touch with Pretorius Structures. Pretorius Structures is a reputable building company in South Africa. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with steel structures / buildings that exceed their expectations, while fitting into their construction budget. Get the best prices on steel buildings from Pretorius Structures – contact us today to get a quote on the design, fabrication and construction of your steel structure.

Affordable steel structures, professional service and quality results are what you can expect from Pretorius Structures.

Why Pretorius Structures is best for your affordable steel structure / building

Pretorius Structures encompass  all the attributes you would look for in a construction company. Our scope of work stretches from steel structure designs, right through to project completion. Here are a few reasons and benefits of trusting Pretorius Structures as your steel structure company:

  • Comprehensive service: Pretorius Structures is a one-stop service provider that provides a comprehensive construction service for our clients. Our capable team will manage the whole project from the design phase, right through fabrication and construction of the structure. This makes it easier for our clients to manage progress and get updates, as everything happens under one roof.
  • Project management: Our experienced team will oversee the whole project, taking the responsibility off the clients hands, and seeing to it that all areas of the project run smoothly and on schedule. This ensures and efficient service that is aimed to use time effectively, with satisfying results.
  • Skills and equipment: We possess the necessary skills, qualifications and equipment to get the job done effectively, professionally and to your satisfaction. Our Certified 56 Ton 1 meter retractable remote-controlled truck mounted crane with a 30-meter lift capability and Certified 42 Ton 1 meter retractable remote-controlled truck mounted crane with a 24-meter lift capability ensure effective deliveries and erection of structural materials and structures. We also possess a Certified 3 Stage 17-meter JCB Telescopic Handler.
  • Competitive prices: Lastly, you can expect affordable steel structures / buildings for your needs. We aim to make our construction service affordable for our clients, while still ensuring that they get quality steel structures for their application requirements.

Affordable steel structures for every industry

Pretorius Structures provide steel structures for many applications and uses, in different industries. We specialise in the following steel structures:

  • Commercial buildings: Pretorius Structures have designed some fine commercial steel structures for our clients. Let our team help you to design and construct a shopping mall, business park, gymnasium, or other commercial steel building.
  • Agricultural structures: Steel structures are ideal for use in agriculture, due to their robustness and longevity. Pretorius Structures can design and construct an agricultural steel structure that meet your specific needs, such as livestock shelters and storage facilities. Discuss your needs with a consultant at Pretorius Structures today.
  • Industrial steel buildings: Steel structures are definitely the best option for industrial environments, as they are able to withstand harsh conditions and offer wide open spaces for industrial activities. Pretorius Structures specialise in the design and construction of industrial steel structures namely warehouses, factories and workshops. Get an affordable quote for you industrial steel construction service from Pretorius Structures.


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Pretorius Structures provides steel construction services to customers across South Africa, and have also completed various projects successfully in neighbouring African countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique or Angola.

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Rely on our professional team to provide you with the best steel building that will meet your needs, and exceed your expectations in terms of design and functionality. Browse through our portfolio of completed project to see some of our success stories and capabilities.

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