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If you require the services of a professional steel construction company in Centurion, Pretorius Structures is the company for you. Pretorius Structures is a trusted steel building company , assisting clients in Centurion and the greater Gauteng region with all their steel building needs.

Steel is a preferred building material in the construction industry, and is fast becoming the building method of choice in various sectors. Industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors widely make use of steel frame structures and steel building methods for a number of reasons. Read more about why steel is the way to go for your construction project or speak to a team member at Pretorius Structures today for the information you require. Contact the trusted steel construction company in Centurion.

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Our mission is to manufacture and erect structural steel of the highest standards and quality to meet our client’s expectations and approval.

Steel construction - The advantages of steel building methods

There are a number of reasons why steel is becoming the preferred building method in South Africa, which include:

  • • Strength and durability: Steel is well-known for its high strength and durability, making it the ideal material for lasting structures. As an experienced steel building company, the team from Pretorius Structures will design a steel building that utilises the steel material efficiently, providing lighter weight structures and material saving, without sacrificing on quality. You can rest assured that you will have a strong and lasting structure when using Pretorius Structures as your steel construction company in Centurion. Steel is also resistant to pests, fire and damp.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Steel is definitely a cost-effective building method when compared to other building methods like brick and mortar. Steel beams, columns and panels are ordered to specification, ensuring little to no material wastage. Get a quote from the reliable steel construction company in Centurion today for a cost-effective building solution.
  • Versatility: Steel frames can be designed in just about any shape and size, making it a very versatile building material. It is suitable for large robust steel structures, as well as buildings that require a modern flair. Whatever your steel construction needs, speak to a consultant at Pretorius Structures today.
  • Custom designs: Pretorius Structures can build custom steel structures that are designed to meet the client's specific needs in terms of appearance and functionality. If a standard steel structure does not meet your needs, let our team design a steel structure that does.
  • Construction times: Steel is also easier to work with, allowing for shorter construction times. Time is always of the essence for any construction project - let our team construct your steel building efficiently.

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For a professional service and satisfying building results, contact the trusted steel construction company in Centurion today. View our steel construction services to see what Pretorius Structures can offer you.


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