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Steel Aircraft Hangar Construction

Steel Aircraft Hangar Construction – If you are in need of a company that will provide a professional steel aircraft hangar construction service, get the team from Pretorius Structures. Pretorius Structures specialise in the construction of steel structures, and can supply a suitable solution for your steel hangar construction needs. Aircraft hangars are structures used to store aircrafts, tools and equipment and also provide sufficient space for aircraft repairs. The hanger should thus provide a secure environment, with large open spaces that are unobstructed by columns.

Let the team from Pretorius Structures design and construct your steel aircraft hangar, so that you can enjoy a steel structure that meets all your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your steel hangar construction needs, and to get a competitive quote from the trusted steel structure company in South Africa.

Quality structure for your Aircraft storage needs

Safeguard your aeroplanes, helicopters, tools and equipment inside a quality steel structures from Pretorius Structures. Pretorius Structures can design a steel aircraft hangar that is tailored to your specific needs. Here’s why you can trust our team to design and construct your steel structure:

  • Secure storage: Aircrafts are expensive and extremely valuable assets. Protect your aircrafts from harsh environmental elements, vandalism and unforeseen accidents with a reliable storage structure from Pretorius Structures.
  • Strong and durable steel structure: Pretorius Structures will provide you with an aircraft hangar that is strong and durable, and will withstand harsh climates and weather conditions. All our steel material conforms to the highest national standards, ensuring you of quality steel structures that will last for many years.
  • Customised design: Our team of draughtsmen and engineers can design a steel structure to meet your exact specifications. Your steel aircraft hangar can include mezzanine floors, various types of doorways, thermal insulation, ventilation and all the other trimmings you require.
  • Professional construction service: Pretorius Structures offer a professional and comprehensive construction service, and will manage the project from start to finish. Our team will work efficiently, ensuring a timely service and professional results.
  • Competitive prices: We aim to offer competitive prices on our construction service, without sacrificing on the quality of the structures. Contact us for a competitive quote today.


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Contact the team from Pretorius Structures today to discuss your steel aircraft hangar construction needs. Pretorius Structures is a trusted steel building company, and have assisted many clients across the country to get quality steel structures for their needs. Read more about our steel construction services to see what we can do for you! Choose between standard structures or custom steel structures to meet your business needs. Call or email us today.

aircraft hangar construction
aircraft hangar construction

About Pretorius Structures – Steel Building Contractors

Pretorius Structures is a trusted building company, extending our services to customers across South Africa, as well as neighbouring African countries. The team from Pretorius Structures have gained extensive experience in the design and construction of steel structures for various applications. And have completed some of the finest structures for our clients in many different industries, including aviation. See some of our work done at Lanseria and SA Airlink. Whether it’s an aircraft hangar or office building you require, Pretorius Structures can design and construct a structure that will exceed all your expectations.

You can rely on Pretorius Structures for your aircraft hangar construction needs for the following reasons and benefits:

  • Quality Structures: At Pretorius Structures, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with structures that are not only well-designed and beautiful, but are strong and durable as well. We want our customers to obtain structures that will last, that is safe to use and will withstand harsh climates.
  • Design experience: Our team of draughtsmen have designed some excellent steel structures for our customers, taking into account their ideas, and adding to it to ensure that their vision is achieved. Pretorius Structures have experience in many different industries, and is a suitable company for your steel aircraft hangar construction needs.
  • Cost-effective prices: Get in touch with our team to discuss your aircraft building needs. Together, we can ensure that we provide a structure that utilises material efficiently, to ensure the most coat-effective building expense that will fit your budget.

Contact Pretorius Structures for your aircraft hangar construction today

Trust the professional team from Pretorius Structures to manage your building project from start to finish. Our professional service and quality material will ensure that you get the steel aircraft hanger you require to store your aircrafts safely.

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