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If you need to erect a lattice steel structure, Pretorius Structures can assist. We design, fabricate and construct lattice type steel structures according to the client's specifications. Designing and building steel structures is our speciality - Pretorius Structures have successfully erected some of the finest steel structures in Southern Africa, meeting the needs of our clients in industrial, commercial and agricultural environments.

Whatever your lattice steel structure needs, Pretorius Structures can assist. Contact the leading steel structure company in South Africa today to get started on the lattice type steel structure you need. You can expect a quality steel structure and professional service when relying on Pretorius Structures for the job.

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What is a lattice steel structure?

Lattice steel structures, or steel structures with a lattice type design are freestanding framework towers, that consist of bolted connections, main structural members and bracing systems. Uses of lattice type steel structures include radio towers, observation towers, electricity transmission towers, pylons, monuments, lighthouses, wind turbines and more. The Eiffel tower is a popular example of a lattice type steel structures, clearly portraying the structural characteristics of a lattice structure. Some advantages of lattice steel structures include:

  • Simple formulae are used to determine the capacity of latticed tower members and connections
  • Design and construction is relatively easy
  • Once the structure is designed, lattice structures using angle sections are very easy to fabricate, offering a quick factory setup
  • The ability to adjust the configuration of lattice steel structures, allow the structures to accommodate a number of electric circuits and different types of conductor configurations
  • The transparent design of lattice steel structures lessens the visual effect on the landscape and environment
  • Steel is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly construction option
  • Steel sections are easy to transport
  • Many tasks during the construction phase can be performed parallel, offering quick and flexible erection of the steel structure
  • Efficient use of steel material and fast construction times make lattice steel structures cost-effective.

Make use of a reputable steel structure company for quality results and cost-effective prices. Get in touch with the team at Pretorius Structures today to discuss the lattice steel structure you need.

Our mission is to manufacture and erect structural steel of the highest standards and quality to meet our client’s expectations and approval.


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Pretorius Structures specialise in steel structures for industrial and commercial use, providing clients with excellent quality steel structures according to their specifications. Whether you require a lattice steel structure design or standard portal frame structure, Pretorius Structures in the company for the job. From the design phase, right through to project completion, Pretorius Structures will oversee every aspect, ensuring quality and professionalism every step of the way. See our steel construction services and capabilities, or speak to a professional consultant for more information. Get started with the design and construction of your lattice steel structure – contact Pretorius Structures today for a quote and to discuss your specific needs regarding the steel structure you require.

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